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One Night Only
mar 05
Hey babe!
There's no queue I want to wait in
There's no more clock ticks I would want to listen to
Hurry, babe! The last grain of sand is sliding down almost slowly
Drag the sun to the west, sprinkle some stars, the little ones please
Come on, babe!
Pull the curtain down, lift your skirt up
Pull your panty down, lift your legs up high into the sky
Kick the moon away, it's too bright
Let the dark slightly shrouds the landscape your body has so-awfully-long drawn
Lift your heart up, pull me down to your vale
Pull, push, lift, let go, but don't let me down, babe!
Roll, twist, turn, and rock my boat, so hard that I'm so wet and salty ...
From the sea of sweat, I'm running away to hidden oase
And stop!
at the end
let me finally escape from you
One night stands too long for uninvited romance.
last modified on Mon 20 Jun 2005