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the vagueness of lust
melb mar 05
Hello Goodbye!
When I'm trying to sustain the uncertain joy
Au revoir, bonjour!
I'd like to sleep with the unpromising dream
Answer is a scary thought

See you later, I wish you miss me
Let's implicitly negotiate the unseen rules
Play our game transparently, 
Concocting the addictive tension and the appealing confusion 

I'm waiting and doubting
Hoping, imagining, self-falsifying
Kiss me goodbye, darling, but please don't touch!
Come and go, is the rule of our play

Hello Goodbye!
Please stay
I'll make a cuppa
It's consensual

Sayonara Alo
Come to me, platonic darling
Maybe not,
Probably so,
Fuck me
and I'll see you in court.
last modified on Mon 20 Jun 2005